Who We Are?

A passionate team of seasoned technologists transforming public and private cloud into a single infrastructure.

Awarded as Gartner Cool Vendor in 2016

HTBase differentiates itself in the cloud space by delivering on the concept of a true cloud-defined data center (CDDC) infrastructure, while enabling IT to retain existing infrastructure or develop new hardware platforms in greenfields

I&O leaders and decision makers can, therefore, retain and adapt their existing x86 hardware and storage for hybrid cloud solutions, while delivering IT as a service (ITaaS) to their business units and building an invisible integration with the public cloud and drastically reducing costs.

That single cloud environment, makes HTBase a unique company in the space, recognized by leading companies such as Gartner by how we are transforming the way organizations plan and build their IT infrastructure


What We Do

HTBase is a Cloud-Defined Datacenter company where we expose a homogeneous layer across multiple environments, which includes private and public cloud (across different cloud providers, such as AWS and Google Cloud).

With that homogeneous layer, companies are now able to build a nested virtualization environment in the public cloud, reducing between 40% to 45% in public cloud costs as well as move virtual machines live between all environments without the need for any change while changing the way they build their internal IT infrastructure with our Storage, Network and Virtualization technologies.

Some Highlights

  • Customers across different industries
  • Presence in multiple countries
  • 24*7 dedicated support
  • Trusted from SMB to large global Enterprises


Gartner Cool Vendor.


Global partners.


cups of tea.


% cost savings.

Our Team

HTBase's add is its team, which make an amazing seasoned group of technologists. With a mix of backgrounds and experience, HTBase's team is always looking for ways to improve your IT infrastructure even further with a single infrastructure approach.

Our Goal

Our top priority is proving companies with a seamless experience across all IT environments, be it based on private, public or hybrid while drastically changing the way you plan and build your IT infrastructure.

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