IaaS and PaaS Combined

Any workload. Anywhere. Everywhere. Provision workloads across distributed infrastructure, in one UI

Cloud your way

Fortis is an end-to-end solution for private, public and hybrid cloud management, with multi-location and multi-cloud support; automation for virtual and dedicated appliances and automation for DevOps.

Fortis comes with a complete set of orchestration and go-to-market tools as well as one of the industry’s most intuitive, customizable admin and end user portal when coupled with HyperTask.

A Complete Cloud Platform

Fortis turns your datacenter into an Infrastructure-as-a-Service powerhouse.
With Fortis, you can sell public, private and hybrid cloud, dedicated servers, DR, SaaS and PaaS hosting and more through a single, intuitive portal.

Fortis brings every flavor of IaaS together in one fully automated, highly resilient and scalable environment. It gives you more ways to compete than any other cloud platform.

Some Highlights

  • OCH, VMware, Hyper-V and Xen support
  • Complete billing module
  • Integrated user management and monitoring
  • Application market for automation
  • Automatic autoscaling and failover

Fortis Platform

  • Public cloud nested virtualization with OCH
  • Intuitive and rebrandable interface
  • Complete self-service for end-users
  • Comprehensive billing system, with forecasting, budget setup and more
  • Integrated VM console for instance access (VNC)
  • Dedicate hardware, public cloud, hosts, hypervisors and others based on user group permission

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Rapidly develop, deploy, and scale cloud applications across a mix of public and private clouds
  • Fortis supports multi-cloud application deployments
  • With Fortis' pluggable architecture it is now possible to span the same application across multiple cloud environments all using the same blueprint - model once, deploy anywhere
  • Fortis makes it possible to manage your full application lifecycle on hybrid infrastructure plugging in diverse toolsets through a single pane of glass.

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