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The Evolution of the IT Infrastructure

With HTBASE's Composable Infrastructure solution, MAESTRO, resources are logically pooled so that administrators don't have to physically configure hardware to support a specific software application. Benefits include:

  • Greater resource utilization
  • Fast deployment of applications

  • Cost savings
  • Enterprise and Cloud applications
Composable Infrastructure
Pooling and Deploying vector

Pooling and Deploying

MAESTRO, HTBASE's Composable Infrastructure solution help organizations and teams to quickly compose resources together utilizing templates.

MAESTRO leverages integrated intelligence to increase speed of go-to-market and operations through a centralized user interface. With MAESTRO, organizations can compose and recompose infrastructure at near instant speeds.

When its time to scale, MAESTRO integrates disperse technology and infrastructure to make it simple and automated, setting up the required components to help IT deliver the right platform, at the right time.

Multi-Cloud Strategy

HTBASE is the only Composable Infrastructure company capable of providing organizations with a true multi-cloud strategy.

While many vendors try to push organizations to use either public or private clouds only, we believe that organizations should be free to use what fits best, when fits best.

  • Private Cloud

    With SCORE, HTBASE's self-service portal, teams can have direct access to resources and applications at any time.

  • Public Cloud

    Remove the silos of managing different cloud providers and completely isolated solutions by using a single platform.

  • Multi Cloud

    Move workloads, storage and data between clouds (private, public and between public providers) without any modification.

Compose Beyond Your Expectation

Greater ROI

MAESTRO provides companies with the opportunities of leveraging different hardware configurations and appliances, including existing infrastructure.

Single Infrastructure

Does not matter if companies are using bare-metal, containers, virtualization or private, hybrid or public cloud, MAESTRO presents it all as a single infrastructure.

Easy To Configure

HTBASE's product can be delivered on both software-only or appliance based, allowing organizations to grow and scale as required while leverage existing environment.

Removing Silos

MAESTRO removes the need to manage siloed infrastructure between public cloud, traditional infrastructure for Enterprise Applications and hyperconvergence.

Open API

MAESTRO has an open API available for integration with different software platforms or to be leveraged by developers in order to speed up environment and application deployment.

Instant Support

HTBASE work with customers on building a single point of relationship and support, so customers have the best support when required.