A new definition of Hyperconvergence

HyperTask is the foundation and base for companies when building a Cloud-Defined Datacenter
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HyperTask natively integrates compute, storage and network into a single x86-based server deployed in scale-out clusters.

Increased ROI

$53 Billion dollar organization achives 53% ROI when implemented HyperTask to support its environment globally.


Single pane of glass that manages your entire infrastructure, whether in the cloud or private.

Built-in Automation

With HyperTask, System Administrators can schedule tasks such as snapshot, clone, control of virtual machines and more.

Built-in Hypervisor

HyperTask is bundled with OCH, providing organizations private and cloud full and nested virtualization capabilities.

Software-Defined Storage

HTFS is part of HyperTask, allowing Administrators to setup a vm-aware storage with full Qality of Service capabilities.

Software-Defined Network

HyperTask is designed to enable massive network automation, providing a true multi-tenant cloud and VM focused environment.

Plug and Play

HyperTask can be delivered in an appliance format as well as pure software. In both formats, you will be running in just a few minutes.

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