Composable Infrastructure

Build a fluid pool of storage, network and compute across private and public clouds while reducing costs by 60%

Cloud Infrastructure Transformation

Recognized by Gartner for helping CIOs and I&O leaders to design an infrastracture as a service with a strong cloud strategy

VM-aware Storage for Virtualization and Cloud

True cloud storage for virtualization where you can distribute your data across private and public cloud, define quality of service policies and more while you eliminate the need to manage LUNs and Volumes
Modern Infrastructure

Helping companies simplify and improve operations efficiency while focusing on what matter.

Strong ROI

Our technology allow companies to better control resources and reduce costs by more than 50%.

Built-in Virtualization

OCH eliminates the tax and need for expensive hypervisors, improving ROI and performance even further.

Quality of Service

VM level control of IOP, througput and complete quality of service for better performance.

Composable Infrastructure

With HTBASE's Composable Infrastructure solution resources are logically pooled so that administrators don't have to physically configure hardware to support a specific software application.

Instead, developers define application’s requirements for infrastructure using policies and service profiles and the software uses API calls to compose the infrastructure it needs to run on bare metal, as a virtual machine (VM) or as a container.

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Cloud Storage

HTFS is a distributed Software-Defined Storage, scalable, fault-tolerant and highly available system. HTFS allow organizations to combine disk space located on x86 servers, on public cloud servers as well as external appliances attached to servers.

Disk and server failures are handled transparently, without any down time or loss of data. If storage requirements grow, companies have the opportunity to scale with private or public cloud disks.

HTFS gives you total visibility and control of your storage capacity and performance where you can control througput, IOP and more.

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IT as a Service

The last thing a CIO wants to worry about when working to improve an organization is whether the infrastructure team can keep pace with the need to innovate.

By leveraging Fortis, organizations are focusing the IT infrastructure team focus and time to where they belong, on developing innovations in applications and solutions, while end-users, be it DevOps, business units, project teams and others, have control of "their own environment" with an "AWS like approach" provided by Fortis.

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OCH | OneCloud Hypervisor

OCH virtualizes private and public cloud servers while integrating network and storage.

Nested Virtualization

High performance binary translation enables OCH VMs to run natively in public cloud servers.

Software-Defined Network

HyperTask's SDN layer enables L2 networking between private and public cloud with static IPs, VLANs and more.

HTFS | Software-Defined Storage

HTFS abstracts the storage layer and exposes the block devices directly to the VMs, both privately and in the cloud.

HyperTask | Private and Public Cloud Converged

An enterprise grade system ready to manage and deploy complex architectures locally and in the cloud.

SaaS Management

HTBase's technologies can be delivered as an easy to use service where customers can get up and running in minutes.

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