Network Engineer




New York


5+ Years

Job Description

HTBASE is looking for senior engineers that know how to build scalable distributed solutions, and keep them up and running by managing complexity and fault domains. Ideally, candidates should have experience with both developing and deploying SDN management and control plane software. Experience or familiarity with relevant open source projects in this area (e.g., Neutron, OVN, OVS, Quagga, Snabb, &c.) would be very helpful. We are also highly interested in candidates that have expertise in routing protocols and VPN technology.

Job Requirements

  • Design, develop, and deploy a cloud-scale SDN solution
  • Work on complex distributed systems
  • Collaborate with a small team of developers, test engineers, and product management
  • Evaluate and improve performance, scalability, and resilience
  • Engage with customers and support to solve production issues

Required Experience

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience in the networking/SDN domain
  • Experience building distributed systems and highly-available services
  • Fluency in C and Python
  • Experience developing and deploying SDN solutions at scale
  • Familiarity with tunneling protocols (VXLAN, GRE, Geneve)
  • Familiarity with routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, ISIS, MPLS)
  • Experience developing and deploying VPN solutions


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