The Only Cloud Hypervisor

High performance hypervisor designed from the ground up to support Enterprise Applications and public cloud nested virtualization

Hypervisor for the cloud

In today's reality, enterprises are looking at designing and implementing a strong private cloud at the same time that they can rent additional capacity on the cloud to acommodate peaks and specific demands. The desire is to take their VMs as-is and run them on any cloud, without modifications.

HTBase has developed a distributed hypervisor, OCH (OneCloud Hypervisor) where we enable enterprises to completely encapsulate their VMs and run it on any cloud, without any changes.

With OCH, enterprises can virtualize their private cloud environment at the same time that they are capable of moving virtual machines live between multiple cloud providers, at anytime.

Enterprise-Class Cloud Virtualization

OCH is an enterprise-class hypervisor designed from the ground up and integrated into HyperTask, our hyperconvergence platform, without any additional costs and ready to be used immediately.

HyperTask provides OCH with a simple and intuitive management interface where enterprises can manage the entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

With OCH, enterprises can live migrate their VMs and workloads between private and public cloud as well between public cloud providers live, where OCH creates a common layer of virtualization, storage and network across all clouds.

Some Highlights

  • Complete virtual machine management
  • Live migration between cloud environments
  • Integrated HA
  • Drastically reduce public cloud costs with nested virtualization
  • Quickly create development and test environments on any cloud and move them around as desired

Nested Cloud Hypervisor

An important part of OCH is a high performance nested hypervisor capable of running unmodified guests on top of public cloud providers, such as AWS and Google Cloud.

Conventional hypervisors such as VMware ESXi, KVM and Acropolis are designed to run only on physical x86 hardware. On the other hand, OCH offers nested virtualization capabilities that can run inside public cloud servers, where access to the physical CPU is not available.

This enables enterprises to run their existing OCH VMs unmodified on top of public cloud servers where everything about the VM stays the same - application settings, network and storage, which is distributed between private and public with HTFS.


OCH leverages HyperTask's Software-Defined Network layer that virtualizes the connectivity between cloud infrastructures.


With HTFS, enterprises can define tiering for their VMs and choose on which cloud the VMs disks should run, IOP, throughput and more.

Dev / Test

Develop and test applications with complex networking in AWS or Google Cloud without any changes.

Training and Sales

Deploy complex multi-VM environments for training, sales support or POC in any cloud with just a few clicks.

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