Server Virtualization

A unique platform delivering high performance and scalability for any workload

Virtualized Infrastructure

The explosion of virtualized server workloads such as databases, network services, collaboration applications, and unified communications has given rise to the need for a more intelligent approach to infrastructure management.

Designed with intelligent data tiering, high-performance flash storage, and dense hard disk drives for high performance and low latencies across a large storage capacity – HTBase services all of your critical enterprise applications and development operation environments on one platform.

Some of the benefits ...

Growth: Start small and linearly scale-out your IT infrastructure in hours

Performance: Service all of your critical applications and development operation environments on one platform.

Complexity: Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by 40% to 60%

Availability: Meet service level agreements by keeping key VMs protected and running with automatic migration, backups, disaster & recovery and more

Scale: Benefit from linearly, non-disruptive scaling of infrastructure to support growing numbers of applications


Native support to HTBase's OCH hypervisor


Pre-built integration to ESXi, controlled directly from HyperTask or from vCenter


Pre-built integration and support of Microsoft Hyper-V


Pre-built support to KVM, one of the most powerful opensource hypervisors available

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